IceTech Baltic presents a revolutionary alternative to traditional methods of cleaning industrial production equipment. In marketing, the process is called "dry ice blasting". Dry ice blasting can be used in a wide range of industrial equipment and thanks to the blasting media which is used in the process dry ice blasting can offer advantages to vary many different types of industries.

Dry ice blasting is a revolutionary blasting method that uses small, compact dry ice pellets as the blasting material. The dry ice pellets are accelerated in a jet of compressed air similar to that used in traditional blasting methods.
The unique feature of dry ice as a blasting material is that it vaporizes on contact with the surface to be cleaned. Treated surfaces are therefore left dry and clean, without residues of detergents or blasting materials. As the process is completely dry and non-conductive, dry ice blasting can be used where other methods are unsuitable. For example, electric motors and equipment with electric, pneumatic or hydraulic components can be cleaned direct using dry ice blasting.
The system produces no waste products. Only the coating that has been removed remains to be disposed of, and this can usually be swept or vacuumed from the floor beneath the treated object.

Dry ice blasting is ideal for removing coatings such as adhesives, varnish, oil, grease, coal dust, soot, mould release agents and bitumen - to name but a few of the materials we remove daily using the process.

Dry ice blasting will often allow a company's production equipment to be cleaned while in operation without the need for dismantling and costly downtime.
Dry ice blasting is non-abrasive, and surfaces are therefore treated gently. The system can thus be used on easily-damaged surfaces like nickel, chromium and soft aluminum.



Several important benefits can be gained from using dry ice blasting:

Reduced maintenance downtime
Improved production quality
Maintenance without dismantling
No need for environmentally damaging chemicals

The extensive customer portfolio of IceTech companies includes such world known companies like Carlsberg, Heineken, Novo Nordisk, Mærsk, Vestas, West Pharmaceutical, ABB, Stora Enso, SCA, Akzo Nobel, Airbus, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Renault, etc.

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